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What We Do 

Knowledge Advantage improves employee productivity and performance with custom learning solutions. 


In partnership with you, we help your employees to get to where you want to be by identifying a learning strategy that aligns employee knowledge and learning to organizational goals. 


We do this by first completing a learning needs assessment which becomes the foundation for a learning road map that outlines tactical steps to meet the goals of a learning strategy. 



Improve employee productivity and performance with continuous learning. 


Quick | Easy | Affordable



from Knowledge Advantage



Support for your

immediate learning needs. 

If you are in the middle of a project or starting a new initiative, such as:

  • creating a learning strategy,

  • writing a training program, 

  • planning an onboarding process,

  • completing a learning assessment, or

  • managing eLearning development


And feeling overwhelmed or stuck, Knowledge Coach™ can help.


If you’re frustrated and have questions about:


  • how to align learning to organizational goals,

  • how to write learning objectives,

  • how to standardize new hire training,

  • how to analyze collected data, or 

  • how to manage or avoid project scope creep


Knowledge Coach provides advice.


We’re a phone call away. CALL 860.256.7879


As Knowledge Coach™ we’ve worked on hundreds of learning and development projects and have seen the highs and lows and the good, the bad and the ugly.


Please contact us to discuss how a learning strategy and custom learning solutions can meet your organizational goals.  


Use the form to the right, send an email, schedule a free consult call below, or simply call 860.256.7879 now



Contact Knowledge Advantage


We offer a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation, so give us a call!  







Knowledge Advantage is nimble and responsive to your needs.

With years of experience from working with many clients in diverse industries, our projects fall within a wide spectrum in the learning space. Each project is unique to the specific needs of our clients, their business and their employees.


We work with clients to deliver creative, strategic learning solutions that align to organizational goals.  

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