eLearning and 

Blended Learning Solutions 

When planning and designing a blended learning soluiton, Knowledge Advantage considers the end learner and the content requirements to determine the best delivery. 


eLearning is defined as learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet. It can include web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms, and digital collaboration.


Blended learning uses one or more modality (delivery) to create a blended solution that can meet specific, learning or training needs. Since every learner learns differently and learning can be delivered in various forms, blended learning can be designed to meet different learners’ needs.







The Value of eLearning 

Plan your blended learning solution with Knowledge Advantage to: 


  1. Create a clear definition of project goals

  2. Determine project size and scope

  3. Identify budgetary requirements

  4. Set a delivery date

  5. Confirm availability of suitable and sufficient resources

  6. Identify the learner 

  7. Determine what knowledge or information needs to be learned 

  8. Assess the best way to deliver and share the information 

With learning moving more toward on-demand learning, eLearning remains a viable delivery option. It offers:


1. Convenience 

2. Self-paced Learning 

3. A Content Repository 

4. Prescriptive Learning 


Ensure elearning success through learner and organization readiness.


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Knowledge Advantage has managed the development and delivery of global elearning programs. Call us to learn how we can help you. 

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With years of experience from working with many clients in diverse industries, our projects fall within a wide spectrum in the learning space. Each project is unique to the specific needs of our clients, their business and their employees.


We work with clients to deliver creative, strategic learning solutions that align to organizational goals.  

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