Global Learning 

Knowledge Advantage works with global organizations to provide consulting support around learning needs analysis, organizational strategic development and elearning planning, development and delivery.

As an international learning company, Knowledge Advantage can help you in several ways:

  • Partner on a US based learning project or initiative,

  • Provide support to your clients in their strategic planning and development.


Knowledge Advantage also supports global organizations where English isn’t their native language. Offering assistance in marketing collateral develpoment and providing editorial review, Knowledge Advantage ensures clear, grammatically correct messages directed to a US and global audience.

Worldwide Medical Device Company 


Determine software training needs across the organization to standardize delivery and identify global communication plan to promote its availability. 



Completed 1:1 phone interviews with 40 senior leaders, including international, to understand their perspective and needs around current and future IT training. Using their input and feedback, an online IT training questionnaire was developed and distributed to 1,000 staff. Based on the review and analysis of survey responses, common themes were identified and a determination of training needs and priorities was made.



A comprehensive report with recommendations and next steps to improve communication and accessibility of already existing and available online training programs; identification of what new training needs to be developed, and a plan to improve staff onboarding of IT training, through standardization and enforcement as a requirement for all new hires. 

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Knowledge Advantage is nimble and responsive to your needs.

With years of experience from working with many clients in diverse industries, our projects fall within a wide spectrum in the learning space. Each project is unique to the specific needs of our clients, their business and their employees.


We work with clients to deliver creative, strategic learning solutions that align to organizational goals.  

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