As a not-for-profit, the challenges you have around learning are unique to the services you provide.


Knowledge Advantage has worked with and volunteered for not-for-profits and NGOs.


We know that planning and strategic development is important to kick-off continuous learning in the home office and the field. Implementing continuous learning builds a foundation for a knowledgeable workforce that supports your overall mission and goals.

Knowledge Advantage can help you develop short and long term learning strategies, and determine how to integrate blended learning solutions into your day-to-day operations.  


International NGO


Determine strategy for continuous learning of field staff; identify and design onboarding program to align with existing five-year organizational strategic plan and goals to annually provide high‐quality relief and recovery services  to at least 2.5 million of the world’s most vulnerable.



Completed learning needs assessment through 1:1 interviews of internal sector directors, online survey of headquarter staff and benchmarking of NGO new hire best practices through interviews with other organizations.



An at-a-glance chart of a 5-year strategic plan outlining each goal / objective for each year, the action / initiative required to meet it, the resources – current and new – needed for it, success factors, and budget requirements for each phase.  This was supported by a comprehensive report that included Learning Needs Assessment data with recommendations on how to implement the findings.


To learn how your not-for-profit can develop a learning strategy and plan continuous professional development offerings, complete the form below.  

Knowledge Advantage is nimble and responsive to your needs.

With years of experience from working with many clients in diverse industries, our projects fall within a wide spectrum in the learning space. Each project is unique to the specific needs of our clients, their business and their employees.


We work with clients to deliver creative, strategic learning solutions that align to organizational goals.  

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