Onboarding – It’s Win Win Especially for the New Millennial


We all know about the search for "good" talent and the challenge of retaining that talent. Now, as Boomers begin to retire, and Millennials join the workforce, it's important to onboard Gen Y correctly to ensure their long-term retention.

We know Gen Y likes to move quickly -- be involved in many things simultaneously and are pros at multi-tasking. So, the importance of on-boarding new hires becomes even more critical. If an organization provides valuable orientation to new hires, it helps them feel informed and knowledgeable about the company and their work, and ready to contribute. Conversely, without immediate immersion into the organization new hires feel uninformed, at a loss of what to do, directionless and unproductive.

Add to this the typical Gen Y attitude and thinking: most Gen Ys want to have an impact on the organization and want to perform successfully to show what they know and can do. However, without an opportunity to do so, a Gen Y may get restless and has no qualms about moving from job-to-job to find personal success and gratification quickly.

Remembering this, it's easy to see how onboarding is win/win - it fuels the energy and confidence of a new hire, and shows commitment and belief in the new hire on the part of the organization, particularly to Gen Y. On-boarding produces more confident, productive, loyal and satisfied employees. Without it, the organization makes a bad impression on a new hire and risks the possibility of losing the employee sooner, to an employer of choice, who provides training and personal and professional development.

It’s easy to see that a standardized, comprehensive onboarding is critical to the success of new hires, especially Gen Y. With Gen Y beginning to infiltrate the workforce, organizations need to respond to their timeline – which is a fast moving multi-tasking approach that wants results and answers quickly. This is why learning must become ongoing, informal and responsive to users’ needs. We can find so much information when we need it -- and Gen Y is accustom to this - which is why companies have to keep up and provide organizational knowledge in the same way.

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