Rewrite Job Postings for Better Candidates and Faster Time to Hire

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Companies today have a hard time hiring, even as so many recent college graduates are searching. Organizations report that new recruits don’t have the skills or knowledge to meet the demands of how business works today -- fast turnaround time and technology based automation driving them forward.

Universities are still not aligned with the needs of businesses and they are graduating students with yesterday’s knowledge and experience so they’re missing the mark. In the accounting field, job seekers list skills as billing and accounting with proficiency in MS Word and Excel. This doesn’t get to what companies need. Companies want employees with initiative and an analyst’s mindset to identify issues and find solutions.

Nearly every job posting for any position in a business, wants someone with business acumen and strong analytical skills. What does this mean specifically? If companies can more clearly define what new hires will be tasked with, college students may be able to fill the gap with on campus jobs or summer internships. And, schools need to start to recognize the shift in how companies work and begin to prepare students to take on more leadership roles.

The CFO of PricwaterhouseCoopers sees building leadership skills and business acumen in new graduates as not only a requirement, but an opportunity. As a result, PwC has redesigned its training to meet these needs. She says “schools have to get them ready for a more technically challenging world, and we’ll take it from there.”

With the challenges facing graduating students to find a job, and with so many companies looking to fill open positions, there needs to be more communication between universities and corporations to reset the status quo so students can get a well rounded education and the skills and knowledge companies are looking for. This way, the job search will be easier on both sides.

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