Want Happy and Motivated Employees? Redesign the Performance Review


Today's evaluation process should not be an anxiety causing once a year meeting between employee and manager. If your organization continues to employ an old school philosophy and practice of employee evaluations, it's time to shift your thinking and change your processes.

Way back when, the evaluation process included one, maybe two meetings between employee and manager. Now, it should be part of a larger, well defined agreement of goals and expectations, with regular, ongoing feedback. Managers need to coach and care for staff by providing clear direction and feedback to create an open, two-way, and relaxed environment to work in, and to receive feedback and evaluation.

The evaluation process should be a motivator to employees. The performance review process provides direction and sets goals with employees so they know what's expected of them. This allows employees to work toward personal and professional growth and encourages success beyond expectation.

If designed correctly a performance review:

  • Improves manager / employee communication.

  • Allows employees to be part of their professional development plans.

  • Increases productivity.

  • Identifies performance issues and coaches and trains to correct them.

  • Determines goals and creates action plans to improve employee skills.

The performance review is a two-way street between manager and employee and each has a specific role for it to be successful. The employee must be honest in completing a self-assessment of their performance, while identifying their goals, and objectives. The manager (and organization) must support a culture of growth, self-improvement, learning, and risk-taking, and provide coaching where needed, and be available to listen to issues or challenges.

The right performance review process helps employees and organizations reach success:

  • Performance reviews allows employees to talk about what new skills, knowledge, or training they need to do their jobs successfully.

  • Listening to employee input on what learning and development programs they want will create job success.

  • A performance review done right works as a retention tool because employees get the support, direction, and career development they want.

  • A performance management process shows employees they are important by supporting their development.

Performance evaluations today are part of a process that plays a strategic role in a company's future. It’s not about measuring. It's more about communication and support to ensure every individual recognizes his or her knowledge gaps and areas for improvement for better performance outcomes.

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