Expect More and Watch Employees Flourish

Last week, a friend complained about her son, who though busy with some daytime activities still has enough time to whine about being bored. I remembered something I tired awhile back with my son, who also was bored with too much time in the summer. I suggested he turn his love of baseball and constant chatter about it to good use. He started a baseball news blog.

The lessons I learned that summer are worth remembering.

If we are given opportunity to learn, to do something new that interests us, it helps us to focus and be productive, increases our self-confidence, and promotes self-directed learning.

For my son, he was learning on his own -- writing, reading, and editing his work -- while he reported baseball happenings with personal commentary.

So how does this relate to you?

I'm thinking about employees who need something they can call their own. Sometimes, putting the cart before the horse can work. Give your staff an opportunity to show what they know, to step outside of yours and their usual comfort zone - take a chance and change things up a bit.

If you show a person you believe in their abilities and give them something to call their own, they may prove themselves a leader, an innovator, or an initiator.

Sometimes, we look too far afield to solve internal issues or challenges. Is it possible that:

  • What needs to get done can be sourced internally?

  • Some of the issues on your current plate could be delegated to others?

This means allowing grass roots efforts to percolate and grow – make suggestions, or stretch the parameters and go with the flow and let others show the way. You may find your staff (and you) are learning and putting new knowledge to work in ways you hadn't thought of before.

Remember, identify opportunities that create an environment where allowing others to step up to the plate is possible.

We all feel successful and satisfied when we accomplish something new or something outside of our norm. It allows us to rise to the challenge and provides a new learning opportunity that is often fun.

What is your baseball blog? What are you interested in? What would challenge you to do something new and learn while doing it?

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