Jump into Onboarding: Test your Knowledge with a Short Assessment

onboarding assessment

  1. Is onboarding a one-day orientation program?

Yes / No

  1. Is onboarding an ongoing process that can be as long as 12 months?

Yes / No

  1. Should information about the organization and how work gets done be delivered in a classroom only?

Yes / No

  1. What makes an onboarding program successful?

  2. A flexible design

  3. A standard curriculum

  4. Customized to individual new hires

  5. All of the above

  6. True or False: The goals of an onboarding program are to:

  7. Educate new hires about the organization

  8. Encourage new hires to meet other staff

  9. Explain organizational goals

  10. Ensure new hires understand their role and job responsibilities

  11. Which of the following can onboarding support?

  12. Developing knowledgeable employees

  13. Lessening time for new hire productivity

  14. Increasing employee retention

  15. Fostering employee engagement

  16. What content should be included in an onboarding program?

  17. Organizational and business information

  18. HR policies and benefits

  19. Information segmented by job function

  20. All of the above

Does your onboarding process and program need a quick “pick-me-up”? Then it’s time to get answers to these questions and learn about onboarding best practices

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