Baseball's Lesson in Performance Improvement

Matt Harvey Pitching in a Slump

Typically, when we think baseball, we don't think performance improvement. But if you know about Matt Harvey's pitching slump and how the Mets are supporting him, there are similarities in how we can support staff.

Sometimes, we don’t feel on our game at work. If it’s giving a presentation that falls flat, or writing a report that isn’t flowing, or analyzing last months’ numbers that don’t add up, We all know how it feels when we’re not shooting on all cylinders.

So how do we get out of slump?

First, recognize the issues and try to identify what set it off.

  • Did something happen that made you lose focus or confidence?

  • Is there an issue at work or home that you’re preoccupied with?

  • Is some of the work you’re doing out of the norm of what you typically do?

Second, talk to your manager or boss.

Don’t think it’s a secret that you’re not up to par. Explain what you’ve been feeling and why you think you’re not working at your usual level, and that you’re trying to identify the problem and fix it.

If you share the issues with your boss, he or she may be able to help you evaluate what’s going on.

Unlike baseball, we don’t need to analyze video and look at body mechanics, but we do need to look back to determine when meeting performance expectations started to slip.

Think about what you may need:

  • Support around how to do something

  • A refresher course in your area of expertise

  • Down time to recharge or look at things more clearly

  • Regular meetings with your boss

  • Adapting a mindful approach in how you work

Working everyday and finding motivation and strength to perform can become overwhelming or tedious. Like Harvey, we need to train for work, but in a different way.

The reality is that at one time or another we all will experience a slump and won’t be running at 100%.

As multi-dimensional individuals we deal with all sorts of variables that affect our day-to-day output. It’s our responsibility, and the role of a manager to coach and support you through these times. The Mets know Harvey’s potential and have seen his capability; they want to identify the cause of his low performance and support him to reach the potential he has.

It’s in times of introspection that we can see where we can improve, which helps us grow professionally and personally.

If you need support in identifying the causes of a performance slump, or how to support yourself or your staff to reinvigorate to reach performance goals, Knowledge Advantage can help. Call 860.256.7879 to discuss.

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