Summer's Over - Now it's Time to Get Learning!


Summer is almost over. Somehow August 1st is the tacit reminder that school is around the corner, summer will be over soon, and Labor Day is fast approaching. However, with the end of summer there is a feeling of new beginnings. Even if you don’t have kids heading back to school, something about the start of school and all the preparation that goes with it embraces us; least of which is back to school sales – from clothes to computers to office supplies!

Summertime is when we’re allowed to relax, be a little less rushed, and lighten up on the hecticness of the year. Summer adds nonchalance to all we do. It lets us almost touch the edges of feeling like a kid again. With long, light filled days and vacations, we savor summer like the delicious juicy peaches, cherries and watermelon it produces.

Summer rejuvenates us so we’re ready to take the final plunge before the end of the year. It’s a time to refocus and energize.

As fall approaches, it signals us to finish what we’ve started or get started on what we planned and haven’t done yet. January may be the start of a new year which translates to new beginnings – but the start of fall is the final sprint of the year.

If you’ve taken a summer vacation from learning like the kids, now is the time to start fall off right.

Plan your personal learning calendar; however you like to learn – reading books, completing a MOOC course, or capitalizing on available resources and learning opportunities at your workplace. Here are a few quick steps to get started:

  1. Identify your needs,

  2. Align them to your current projects,

  3. Outline your goals,

  4. Schedule learning time,

  5. Identify the resources and courses that will meet your needs, and

  6. Start learning.

Knowledge Advantage helps companies improve employee productivity and performance with custom learning solutions, by identifying a learning strategy that aligns employee knowledge and learning to organizational goals. Ask Knowledge Advantage how we can support your individual and organizational learning plans.

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